Last Saturday,  October 22nd, Trista and I were pronounced “Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pagel” in Saylorville, IA!

It was a sweet time of celebration and excitement and we were so happy to have everyone there to make our day so special.

You can view more pictures on my Facebook page

The next few weeks will involve me starting to do some things on campus (ie: meeting with some students, going to Nav Nights, and going to weekly staff meetings), Trista continuing her last semester of school, and us organizing our house (we just opened all of our gifts and have a lot to put away)!

We cannot wait to see God use our marriage in the lives of college students at UNI! Pray that we would be strong in our marriage through our relationship with Christ and that this would be attractive to others


  1. Congratulations, and what a stunning bride 🙂 I just found your blog searching through tags, and I’m so glad I did, you’ve written some awesome stuff.

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