Don’t Donate..Invest!

I had a meeting with someone last week to talk about my ministry with The Navigators.  It was a great time talking with him because a responsibility for his job is to fundraise as well.

We had a great time talking about the similarities in our ministry and some of the experiences we have both had in doing partner development (fundraising).

Something he said that I thought was very important…”I never ask people to give a donation.  If you want to make a donation go to the Salvation Army.  I’m asking for an investment of money.”

I totally agree with this!


I think there is a very important distinction between a donation and an investment.

A donation is a one time thing.  You give something and that is that.  You don’t really think about it again after that one instance.

This is more of a transaction between two parties.  I have a certain need and you fulfill that need by donating something.  You receive a receipt maybe and it is done.  The transaction is complete.

However this is vastly different than an investment!


An investment is tracked and followed very precisely.  When you invest something you want to know how it is doing and if you should withdraw that investment and put it somewhere else.

Unlike a donation or gift really, the investment is an ongoing relationship between the investor and the investee.  The initial investment is only the beginning of the relationship.  There will be interaction and communication to follow!

What would happen if you were to invest in a company then forget about the investment and you never heard how that company was doing?  You would be wise to invest elsewhere into a company who will take good care of the investment.


Well I don’t see how the relationship between financial supporters and those in ministry is any different!

I am on staff with The Navigators at UNI working with college students and I need people who will partner with me financially…who will make an investment with their money!  There is a relationship between me and those people than can invest that is ongoing.  I will communicate to them how their investment is benefiting the ministry and the impact it is having!

The only difference is that God is in control of this company and is in the business of saving lives!  What better investment of money is there? It is sure to reap significant rewards in heaven!

The impact and results of investments matter.  I want to share with you how your investments are impacting the students of UNI!

So to those of you who are investing in Trista and I’s ministry with The Navigators at UNI…THANK YOU so much! You are evidence of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives.

Words matter and the meanings of those words matter.  So don’t just donate…invest! and see the beautiful relationship that follows unfold.

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