EDGE Summit 1: Day 2-7

Well these last six days have been crazy, intense, fun, and tiring.  We have been learning a lot about EDGE Corps and have been refreshed on the vision of the Navigators and why we are doing what we are doing!  Among other things, we have also been forced to be flexible as the Waldo Canyon Fire has forced us to evacuate from Glen Eyrie and relocate around the Colorado Springs area.

With all of these things happening it has been hard to write about what we have been learning and processing through.  So here are some highlights from our 1st EDGE Summit:

Morning Devotional with Drew Frazer

On Friday morning, Drew talked with us about courage.  One passage he used that impacted us was from Matthew 14 when Peter gets out of the boat to go to Jesus walking on the water.  He challenged us in the pace we are going in pursuit of Christ and the things that might be holding us back.  In doing ministry with college students, we will really need to take courage in Christ and move forward in the midst of fear.


Our EDGE class went to a three course mini-golf place in Colorado Springs and had such a fun time! It was nice to have a break from the classroom and enjoy the outdoors with one another.

Evangelism Training

Roger Hamilton led some evangelism training Friday afternoon.  One of the most impactful things was him sharing how God used him and his wife in their brokenness to share their faith with others.  Their son at the age of two was diagnosed with autism and it turned their world upside down.  We were really encouraged to be open to God working through us when we least expect it as we are going through hard times.

Prayer Workshop

One of the best times during this last week was a prayer workshop we were part of.  After looking at some scripture about prayer and thinking of characteristics of who God is, we took 30 minutes to praise him for those things…and it was AWESOME!  Afterwards people were able to express specific things that were weighing on them and we huddled up to pray for them.  It brought us all closer together and opened our eyes to the power of prayer.

These were some things that stick out to us over the last six days!  We have a few more days left of training on fundraising and I cannot believe we will be all done!

Psalms 92:1-2  “It is good to praise the Lord and to make music to your name, oh Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night”

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  1. Julia Dawkins says:

    I missed you this afternoon! Glad you are having a beneficial time though 🙂

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