A Practical Step Toward a Powerful, Promise-Centered Prayer Life


Guest Post: by Trista Pagel

Are you satisfied with your prayer life? What would it even look like to have a fruitful prayer life? Join me over the next few days of learning practical steps in establishing a productive, God-honoring, kingdom-centered prayer life.

I love passing on this simple prayer method I learned and have been using since I was 10 years old because it has made such a difference in my prayer life and the lives of others! It will address questions such as: –

  • How can I pray more specific, promise-centered prayers for people instead of just “God, please be with them?”
  • How can I recognize answered prayer in my life?
  • Will I ever become diligent in prayer?
  • There are so many people and things I want to pray for, how can I remember to pray for them all?

If you find yourself asking questions like these,  check out this simple method to meaningful and intentional communication with God! Starting tomorrow, we will embark on a 10 post journey to helping your prayer life!

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