Monthly Prayer and Prayers Answered

Guest Post: by Trista Pagel

The last two sections of my prayer binder are for monthly prayers and prayers answered. We have things we want to faithfully pray for daily and once a  week. There are also things we maybe aren’t connected enough to to pray for that consistently, but we would at least like to commit to pray for them once a month. I make a note card for each of these things/people and just rotate them through each day of the month.

When God answers specific prayers, I turn the note card over and write the date with a description of God’s faithfulness. The prayers answered section is not to “keep score” of when God answers us, but rather is meant to remind us of God’s goodness. Don’t forget to look through this section every so often to remind yourself of how God has provided for you in the past. Moses was constantly reminding the Israelite people of how God had been faithful to them before.

Thank you for following our blog series on prayer! I welcome any and all feedback over this prayer tool!

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