Get Out Your Broom

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Trista and I went up to Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch the Yankees vs. Twins play on July 4th at Target Field. Spoiler alert: the Yankees won 9 – 5 and finished off a four game sweep of the Twins!

We stayed in Forest City the night before with my brother Josh and his wife Diana then made the drive up in the morning. We enjoyed being with them and experiencing a little bit of their life there. They had been to the stadium before, but it was my first time so I was pretty excited to see it, and see the Yankees of course :). The weather was pretty hot but since our seats were so high we had a nice, cool breeze.

We were a little nervous taking Benaiah (3.5 weeks old) since we knew it would be very sunny and it would be so hectic. But Trista did a great job nursing the baby and taking care of him while maintaining a very positive attitude! She is such a great mom. My mom watched the baby for an hour so that Trista could watch at least some of the game from our seats. While she did that, Trista and I cashed in on our free hot dog and pop.

It felt so good to sit in the sun and do a few of the most American things that I know…watching baseball, being with family, and eating hot dogs. Although I was really happy to see the Yankees win 9 – 5, I was more happy to be there with Trista and Benaiah. I really love watching baseball, but even more than that I love being with my family!

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