Psalm 103



I am out in Colorado Springs at Glen Eyrie for our EDGE training. We have been able to get some good time in the Word. Yesterday I read in Psalm 103 and here are some things I took from it:

1. David is writing this psalm to himself, reminding him of who God is and what he has done. These are reasons to bless God and praise him. I wonder what things I say to myself, especially about who God is?

2. God brings about praise and worship of himself. The more I focus on God’s greatness and his character, the more I am drawn in to worshiping him!

3. At the heart of God’s character is his steadfast love. These are some things that David says about God’s steadfast love:

  • God is abounding in it
  • He crowns us with it
  • He dispenses it to an unlimited degree
  • It is everlasting, unlike our short and temporary life
  • It is the way he deals with us and not according to what we deserve

4. These favors and benefits come out of a relationship with God and are not for everyone. To be in a covenant relationship with God means that we fear God and by doing so, we keep his commands. 

5. The psalm ends in calling others to also worship God and praise him. The more I’m pulled in to worshiping God, the more I will also bring others with me to do the same!

This is such a great psalm, I’m sure there are a ton more things there. What things do you notice here that interest you or questions you ask? 


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