Nav Reppin’


On Saturday Trista and I were commissioned as Navigator Representatives (or Nav Reps) by Joe and Ronni Bernardi (my new boss at K-State). Although it isn’t too complicated, it is a new title and has some implications that I want to describe here so people have a better understanding about my new role.

A Nav Rep meets the following:

  • has completed their formal training with The Navigators (4-5 years)
  • they meet the Nav Rep Profile and have participated in a Navigator commissioning ceremony
  • have demonstrated proficiency in ministry, their calling to be a Minister of the Gospel with The Navigators, and a desire for long-term association with The Navigators.

The commissioning is way of celebrating the completion of our training with The Navs while on EDGE Corps and Staff in Training. This is a big accomplishment and it was neat to be recognized in this way. It is technically a promotion, which we have to raise :), and although it might change my job description a little, I will still be doing a lot of similar things I have been doing the last 4.5 years.

One benefit of becoming a Nav Rep is that we will begin receiving Ministers Housing Allowance, which will be very helpful. I hope this helps clarify things. Drop a comment if you still have questions!

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