Two paths…

Path 1: the way of grace, humility, faith, gratitude, Spirit empowered obedience, and following Jesus.

Path 2: the way of works, pride, law, self focus, and self-motivated earning.


Path 2 may give you results. May make you feel good about yourself but it won’t save you.

Path 1 may feel difficult and can be a slow process, but it is filled with joy. That is because it brings true freedom.


Paul reminds his readers of this in Galatians 5:4,

You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law, you have fallen away from grace.


Grace is the sweetness of knowing your deserve judgement but you get favor instead. Why? Because you are rooted in Christ who achieved perfectly on your behalf. Grace looks to and rests in Jesus’s record every second of every day to procure the love of God. Not obedience. Not moralism. Nothing but Jesus.

Are you striving to be justified by the law? Don’t fall from grace. Look to and rest in Jesus, he brings true freedom.


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