PSALM 102:11, 12


This whole chapter is so good. The psalmist is afflicted and is crying out to God for some reason. His days pass awake like smoke, his bones like a furnace, and his heart is struck down.

We are going to encounter days that aren’t just hard, but make us feel like we want to die. Like we can’t keep going. It is too hard to face a certain reality.

What we do in that moment though is what shapes us. We can remind ourselves of who God is, as the psalmist does, or we can continue in our despair. He says in vs. 11, 12…

My days are like an venting shadow, I wither away like grass. But you o LORD, are enthroned forever, you are remembered throughout all generations.

After dwelling on his hard circumstances for 11 verses, he reminds himself of who God is. This is the turning point. Keeping God in view keeps our problems small. They are not only controlled by him but are used to accomplish his purposes. This is why we need the big God of the Bible to see and savor.

Even now I think of things I’m worried about. I’m pondering God’s greatness and realizing how silly it is to worry when the creator God, who never changes, has saved me.


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