no one dwells in them, because of the evil that they committed, provoking me to anger, in that they went to make offerings and serve other gods that they knew not, neither they, nor you, nor your fathers. Yet I persistently sent to you all my servants the prophets, saying, ‘Oh, do not do this abomination that I hate!’

Well I’m closing in on the end of Jeremiah. The two things I noticed about this passage…

1) The reason for Judah’s desolation is that they committed evil. What evil? They worshipped and served other gods. Jeremiah says that God calls this an abomination and he hates it. There is a lot you could say about why this is a big deal, but my main observation is that their destruction was justly deserved.

2) How does God respond? Persistently sending prophets to warn the people. He is patient. He is merciful. He is like a good Father not responding harshly out of anger. He hates what they are doing and tells them so.

The problem is they don’t care. They don’t hear what God says. They don’t change their behavior because they are indifferent to God’s heart. To what he hates.

Father, thank you for being patient. Thank you for your mercy you extend every day. Help me to obey you and to have a soft heart that looks to you in faith and repentance each day, unlike the people of Judah. Help me to obey!

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