PSALM 118:22


The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone

I was just reading in Luke 20 the other day and Jesus actually quotes this verse to show how he is like the son in the parable that is killed. Jesus goes on to say that, “all who fall on this stone are broken to pieces and when it falls on him it will crush him.”

The new year is here and people want to make all sorts of changes and resolutions for the year ahead. They have goals they want to meet. But in the end none of these things will matter. One thing matters: who is Jesus? What do you make of the stone?


This year I want to keep Jesus front and center in all that I do. I want to think about him when I wake up and remember him when I lay down. I want to have his atonement and work of salvation always before me and his costly grace constantly pushing me forwards in holiness.

And I want others to do the same. For He is the cornerstone.

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