Refuel – Week 1


Monday morning is here again and it is time to refuel on grace for the week ahead. Read more about this and why I’m doing it here.

I’m a fraud you know. Even as someone in vocational ministry. As an employee of The Navigators. I’m a fraud.

My sinful self does everything it can to cover it up. To pretend. To impress. But beneath that is a fraud. A hypocrite. A doubter. A struggler.

I remember when I was a freshman in college I met a guy by the name of Scott Brown. He directed the Nav ministry at University of Northern Iowa.

I was so in awe of Scott and I remember thinking later that year how much I would hate that job. Leading a ministry. I could never be that put together. I could never be that equipped. I could never be that smart. I could never be that mature.

And yet here I am. Leading a ministry in all of my insecurity trying to cover up my inabilities while recovering from my own perfectionism.

I told you I am a fraud.

But beyond that, I want you to see my best self and not my worst self. The self that will impress instead of the self that caused Jesus to come and die.

And for this reason I need to refuel on grace.

Mark 10:45 says

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many

Yo. We needed ransomed. We didn’t need a morality lesson. We didn’t need an example. We needed a substitute.

Embrace Jesus as your substitute this week. Don’t try to follow his steps to make God love you. Rest deeply in the love he already has for you in Jesus. Then we can stop pretending and hiding the fact that we are all frauds before God.

And while you do that, pray for me that I will do the same!



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