Help The K-State Navs Accomplish Our Vision!

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All of history is moving towards one final, grand conclusion of God being glorified and worshipped (Habakkuk 2:14) for eternity. He is working in the world to ensure that this is the case and that his promises will be fulfilled.

These promises are coming to fruition in small but significant ways right here in the Little Apple!


Griffin transferred to K-State this year as a sophomore. God had been stirring in his heart over the last year and had been doing some amazing things. He got plugged into our ministry. Through weekly Bible study, one on one discipleship, and building friendships God has been establishing him in the gospel. He is growing in his passion for God’s glory and wants to see others do the same.

Griffin is one example of how God’s gospel and kingdom is advancing here at K-State. We pray that through ordinary students like him, it will go to the nations from little Manhattan, KS! And to keep doing this we need your help.


We are trusting God for $3,500 going into the spring semester for things like…

  • Staff training
  • Student retreats
  • Nav Night equipment
  • Scholarships
  • Annual Valentines Banquet Outreach
  • Bible studies and much more

Will you consider a one time gift of $100 – $1,000 to partner with us to continue advancing the gospel from K-State to the nations? If God leads you to give you can do so here.

Together we can be part of seeing God’s glory cover the earth as he uses us to accomplish this vision and fulfill His promises.


You can read more about 2017 ministry highlights from our staff team.

You can also see what 10 moments were the most memorable as we count our way down into 2018.

Also, check out the K-State Navs Facebook page where you can stay up to date on all sorts of things happening from week to week and how to pray!

Your Partner in the Gospel on behalf of the K-State Navigators,

Jon Pagel



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