Most Memorable K-State Navs Moments of 2017

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As I look back on ministry here at K-State with The Navs there is a lot to thank God for and laugh about. With 10 days left in the year I thought it would be fun to come up with the things that were most memorable. Without further ado, here are the top 10 memorable moments within our ministry:

10 – The No Staff Nav Night

It just so happened that right before Thanksgiving break all of our staff was gone for Nav Night (our weekly large group worship night in Weber Hall). We had faith and confidence in our students to make sure things went smoothly. Who led worship that week? We aren’t quite sure. Who were the emcees? Good question. What was announced? Still not sure.

So maybe the details weren’t as clearly communicated as we would have liked. But they made it work… somehow! At least we think they did.

9 – Women’s Retreat

This was an unforgettable time of 2017, as most women would tell you. The women staff did a great job putting together a time of connecting with one another and getting into God’s Word.

8 – Alexa

On a fairly regular basis, poor lonely, left out Alexa felt the need to butt into conversation uninvited. Our staff would be discussing something important and all of a sudden Alexa pipes up with her thoughts. It was typically pretty funny after we realized what set her off but sometimes got annoying to the point that someone had to shout, “Alexa, volume 0” or “Alexa, not now!”. Let’s hope she can stick to weather, puns, and setting the mood with good music in 2018.

7 – Valentines Banquet

Instead of Nav Night we held the annual Valentines Banquet at a church in town. Ronni Bernardy baked and organized a plethora of incredibly delicious desserts. The seniors served as waiters and waitresses to fancy, decorated tables where students were found to be dressed up having brought some friends. Jon and David even entertained the crowd with a play called “Dinner With A Perfect Stranger” that started and ended both of their acting careers. Everyone left with full stomachs having had some quality conversation and a few good laughs!

6 – First Ever Engage Fall Conference

We did something new this past year… not only did we form a new region (no longer Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas but now only Missouri and Kansas) but as a new region we put on our own fall conference (called Engage) near Lake of the Ozarks. This was a big deal and students loved it! Many staff had a part to play in making in happen from behind the scenes work, to putting on a workshop, to relating with students. God did some awesome things and we look forward to it again in October of 2018.

5 – The Bernardy’s House

Whether it was Will breaking and entering, someone not putting down the toilet seat like they were supposed to, drinking regular coffee at 10pm, or people not leaving until close to midnight… The Bernardy’s house was itself a memorable moment of 2017. It was a place of laughter. A place of safety and rest. A place for students to be themselves. Anyone who spent time there has a story to share both funny and serious. Prayers were prayed and answered. Lives were changed.

4 – Jax STP

Every summer we have something called a Summer Training Program in Jacksonville, FL. 100 Students from midwest Nav ministries drive down there to work a full time job, live in a dorm at University of North Florida, study the Bible, and be discipled by staff and other students. We had a few staff with 4 students there this past summer. There are too many highlight to share here of relationships that were built and ways God worked. It was memorable for those that went and our ministry as a whole that benefited from their hearts to make Jesus known as they returned.

3 – Short Term Summer Trips to SE Asia and North Africa

We had a group of students and staff go to SE Asia for 7 weeks along with another that went to North Africa for a large part of the summer. It was life changing for everyone as they had to trust God in new ways while facing unique challenges. Their eyes were opened to a new part of the world that needed Jesus and their hearts were softened. This summer will be remembered for the rest of their lives!

2 – Will Catches a Bat

How could this not make the list… I mean seriously. Here is what happened:

During our leader retreat before fall kickoff, the staff had a meeting over lunch in the basement of a church while students spent some time alone with God. Things were going well and we were about done. All of a sudden a bat swoops in from the corner over our heads throwing everything into hysteria.

Triumphant Will, as if he had been preparing his whole life for this very moment, confidently grabs a wicker basket. He walks over to the bat and waits for his chance to strike. He does so and pins the bat to the ground. Everyone was safe at last and we haven’t stopped laughing about it since.

1 – Spring Break 2076

Was the best part of this the car ride? Micah not applying enough sunscreen and getting roasted by the sun? Guys turning an inflatable into an escape raft before popping it? The shrimp boil? Worship around a campfire?

Those that went could probably go on and on about things that happened. But overall it was probably the highlight of 2017 for the ministry. Good thing we are doing it again in 2018!


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