Beware of Misrepresenting God

My wife left me a very important note with very detailed instructions. I was going to have all three of our kids for a whole 24 hours. Our twins were 10 months and our oldest was about 2 years. And I was going to have them. By myself. For 24 hours. By myself. She wrote […]

Ezra, Esther, and Nehemiah Review

Our CSU Nav staff studied these three books this semester and this is my review of them, hoping to summarize everything onto one sheet of paper. Whether you have any desire to know more about these books or not (you should because they are very important!), you have to understand the difference between the Old […]

Gospel Fueled Godliness

“If you brought a caterpillar to a biologist to analyze its DNA he would tell you by all accounts it is a butterfly. He looks nothing like a butterfly but has the DNA inside him. No amount of yelling at him will make him change. He will turn into a butterfly eventually and will display […]