You Moved From Colorado to Where?

You Moved From Colorado to Where?

We recently just moved from Fort Collins, CO (voted one of the best cities in America) to Manhattan, KS. Sounds like an odd move, but hopefully this newsletter will give you some understand as to why!

Midwest, Here We Come

  (PC: Grant Whitty at Altitude Fotografy) If you haven’t heard yet we are moving to Manhattan, Kansas on May 31st with The Navigators! After months of praying and seeking God where he would have us go next, we settled on Manhattan. We are really excited about this and feel God leading for a couple […]

Un’dər stand’

The Staff in Training (SiT) Nav staff in the Rocky Mountain Region are reading the book “Understand“, by Walt Henrichsen over Christmas break. While it has one of the worst covers I have ever seen, it is a great and simple read when it comes to interpreting the Bible… something lots of people are familiar with yet few actually understand […]