The Living God

The Living God

A week or so ago I was reading through Jeremiah for my quiet time and came across chapter 10. I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast of who God is in this chapter and who the people’s idols are. The difference between them is supposed to encourage and challenge God’s people to trust God, to fear […]

Un’dər stand’

The Staff in Training (SiT) Nav staff in the Rocky Mountain Region are reading the book “Understand“, by Walt Henrichsen over Christmas break. While it has one of the worst covers I have ever seen, it is a great and simple read when it comes to interpreting the Bible… something lots of people are familiar with yet few actually understand […]

Beware of Misrepresenting God

My wife left me a very important note with very detailed instructions. I was going to have all three of our kids for a whole 24 hours. Our twins were 10 months and our oldest was about 2 years. And I was going to have them. By myself. For 24 hours. By myself. She wrote […]