Have you ever heard the phrase, “How killed What and Why got lost”? Why did “Why” get lost? Well that is because “What” was murdered by mean and nasty “How”. It is tempting, in an effort to be efficient and productive, to want to get right down to business and get stuff done. But if you floor it pedal to the metal towards “How” you will accomplish something… it means you essentially ran over the “What” with that floored truck and forgot that the “Why” was bumped out 20 miles back.

To have vision and clarity about what you are doing is absolutely essential. A shoe company might be cranking out a record number of books all the while forgetting it isn’t in the business of literature but footwear. So to have the WHY ARE WE HERE written in your eyelids will surely prevent vision loss when things get a little hazy… and believe me things will get hazy! Being reminded of the vision keeps the end goal in mind and keeps you on track, focused on the right things so that you can effectively discuss the Whats and the Hows.

I hope you are curious what my vision is for our ministry with college students. Just writing this and thinking about it makes me excited! Not only do I want to lay out a little bit of my vision on this part of the site and **spoiler alert** it will go quite closely in line with The Navigators calling statement (imagine that?) but I also want to explain a little bit about why that vision is applied to college ministry. Like, what is so special about college students anyways? After explaining the big picture vision and why college is the most strategic place for that, I’ll end showing you a bit of HOW we practically carry this out.

If not for anyone else, this is good for me just to write out and by reminded by again and again. I hope it is good for you readers as well to gain more insight into our ministry and what we do on a weekly and semesterly basis. Thanks, enjoy, and as always… drop a comment below if you liked something or hated it or want more!

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