Joshua Team

One of the things that Trista and I are responsible for leading this year is something called Joshua Team, or JTeam. I want to describe to you a little bit of what it is so you know more of what we will be doing!

Joshua Team is an 8 week course that students in our ministry are highly encouraged to go through at some point, but especially their freshman year.

There are four goals of JTeam and they are as follows:

  1. To help set their hearts on fire for God
  2. Help them build patterns to follow God for a lifetime
  3. Embrace the calling of the Navigators for their lives
  4. Produce new laborers for the Kingdom

You may be asking, “Well that sounds awesome, but what do you do each week to see these goals turn into reality?”

Well, I am glad you asked!

The program costs money and that goes towards materials which we go through that the students get to keep.

Each Tuesday the students that are going through JTeam will meet at Nav Night at 8:00pm and worship with the whole group.  After announcements and right before the speaker, these people will go into another room and we will meet for about 80 min.

During this time the students will break into their small groups to discuss their weekly assignments, there will be teaching on a specific topic (The Word, Prayer, Testimonies, The Gospel, Evangelism, etc…), and more in depth discussion.

We will do some of the teach but mainly will oversee everything that goes on, make the weekly assignments, and introduce the speakers/topics.

Trista and I have both gone through JTeam as a student and as a student leader coach leading the small groups.  We are testimonies to the impact it has on student’s lives in growing their relationship with Jesus and equipping/encouraging them to share him with their friends.

We cannot wait to start on February 14th and see how God works!

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