2013 Year in Review

What a year it has been! God is up to some big things on the campus. It is hard to pick out one thing that would highlight this last year and equally hard to condense it all down into a story or two. Maybe the video above will do a good job of summarizing our last […]

Be an Encourager

“Well we have got to get you guys to 100% by the time you leave for Colorado.” That is what a couple said to us at a funding visit we recently had. I can’t tell you how encouraging and uplifting and motivating that was. Did I mention too that we had never met these people […]

Home Sweet Home – Colorado Edition

Here are some pictures of the house we will be renting in Fort Collins, CO starting August 8th! The tenants now are very messy so don’t let that distract you from its beauty 🙂 It is a three bedroom, one bath, with one stall garage and fenced in backyard. It is only one mile west […]