Where’s Your Man?

Aaron and his buddies Sean and Patrick

One of the Joshua Team homework assignments this week is to listen to Dawson Trotman’s sermon “Born to Reproduce“. I would challenge you to listen to it as it’s very challenging!  I want to share with you three things that I took away from this:

1. Emotion and action are no substitute for production. Just because we feel strongly for something doesn’t mean anything. Just because our heart strings are pulled towards something, it is indifference until we act on that emotion.

If I feel really strongly about something, say it is animal abuse, it doesn’t really mean anything until I do something about that. And just because we are doing things, doesn’t mean those are the best things.

As Christians, there are a lot of activities we can be involved in.  We can be elders/deacons, pass out tracts, go to church, hang out with believers, etc…And not that those things are bad, but they are no excuse for production. They can’t replace us reproducing our faith in the lives of others. Nothing is more important than me helping one other person know Jesus, assist them in walking with him for a lifetime, and doing the same with others.

So, as a result of your life…where is your man? Who is walking with Jesus today and helping others do the same because of you?

2. Anyone can be a spiritual parent.  Just like anyone can have kids and be a physical parent, the same goes spiritually. Isn’t is amazing that despite race, income, profession…everyone can have children! Anybody can reproduce their faith in the life of another. This is our greatest responsibility.

Three things though can make us infertile: 1) Union 2) Disease 3) Immaturity

We need to be united with Christ and live with him. He enables us with the power and ability to multiply our lives. We also need to put sin to death in our lives.  Those who are sick spiritually cannot reproduce their faith. We also need to grow up in our faith and learn more of who Christ is.  We need to mature!

If we aren’t reproducing spiritually, one of these three things is the reason why.

Everyone is to be fruitful and multiply children. All believers are also to multiply their faith!

3. Not all Christians are producers.  Just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean that I am reproducing my faith. I can go to church, read my bible, be part of a small group, and have heaven guaranteed…a yet I might not be producing.

And if I am not producing it doesn’t mean that God’s Word isn’t powerful enough.

Take Away

I don’t want to just be a Christian. I don’t want to just be a Christian who is busy. I do want to be a Christian who is reproducing my faith in Jesus  into the lives of other people.

Start asking God for one. Pray and ask God for one person who doesn’t know him who is hungry for Jesus and needs help. Invest deeply into that one person and watch God work.

I have been discipling Aaron and now he is starting to read the Bible with his roommates, Sean and Aaron. I can’t wait to see how God uses this and watch Aaron hopefully redproduce his faith!

I hope this is all helpful! I again would greatly encourage you to listen to this sermon, it is well worth your time!

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