Freshmen orientations are one of Trista and I’s main responsibilities this summer!  The pictures above show a little bit of what they are all about, but let me fill you in on the rest.

Throughout June and two days in July, students will be coming to UNI for their freshmen orientations.  They come up on either a Monday or Thursday and stay overnight til noon the next day.

The first evening they are here, there is a student activities fair in Maucker Union that the future students and the parents can go to.  This is where we have our Navigators booth and meet soon to be UNI freshmen and tell them about our ministry.  We get there attention by asking them, ” Hey would you want a chance to win a $50 gift card?!”  If they say yes, which most of them do, then we have them fill out some of their contact information and have them indicate if they would like to be in a Bible study.  We hand them a flier and wish them good luck at the rest of their orientation.

Since these only go for an hour, it is pretty chaotic and very hectic.  But that is totally ok because it is quite a bit of fun and we are making connections that will help us in the Fall.

Once the activities fair is over with we address envelopes to send the parents of the students we talked to and we also send them a postcard thanking them for stopping by!

Although these orientations can be a lot of work, we have other students helping us out with them who are in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area for the summer.  Please be praying for the students we meet and that God would direct us to the right people!

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