Trista’s Bible Study

L Ashley(Sr), Naomi(So), Brittney(Sr), Sarah(So), Trista, Hilary(Sr)


Now that the fall kickoff is over with, we have finally had some time to breath and establish a routine. One of the things in our weekly schedule is leading a bible study of student leaders. Those student leaders are then leading bible studies with their friends, dorm neighbors, roommates, co-workers, etc…

Since this is such a big part of our ministry we wanted to introduce to you the people in our bible studies. Here is a picture of Trista’s study! During the week we will have a blog entry on each girl so you can get to them better.






  1. […] am so excited to have Brittany Strutz in my Bible study this year! She is a Senior originally from the Cedar Rapids area and is majoring […]

  2. […] are continuing to introduce you to Trista’s bible study! You have met Brittany and Sarah, here is […]

  3. […] are a few more girls in Trista’s bible study we want to introduce you to! You have met Brittany, Sarah, and Naomi…now it’s […]

  4. […] last girl that is in Trista’s bible study is Hilary! If you haven’t met any of the other girls, go check out Brittany, Sarah, Naomi, […]

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