Sarah Marston

We are continuing to introduce you to Trista’s Bible study girls. Brittany Strutz was the first, and now we introduce you to Sarah!

Who She is

Sarah is a sophomore this year and is originally from Clinton, Iowa. She lives on the first floor of Campbell dorm and made some good friends with the surrounding girls in her hall. Her major is Elementary Education and in her free time Sarah loves to run and bike (she even keeps her bike in the corner of her dorm room)! Sarah has a very sweet spirit about her and I am excited for her to be on student leadership! Sarah has  heart for developing a great prayer life.

How to Pray

You can be praying for her as she leads a Bible study of several Freshmen girls that they would transformed by God’s Word and that she would have time to invest in a few of them to grow in their relationship with Christ and start doing the same with someone else.



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