Ashley Williamson

There are a few more girls in Trista’s bible study we want to introduce you to! You have met Brittany, Sarah, and Naomi…now it’s Ashley’s turn.

Who She is

Ashley and I both graduated from Johnston High School, but it wasn’t really until college that we got to know each other better. I am so excited that we are in the same Bible study this year! Ashley is a Senior this year, living in the new dorms called Panther Village and is majoring in the music department.  She is an excellent singer and serves on the worship team at Nav Night. She is also an awesome golfer and she spent this last summer in Colorado working at a Christian Camp.

How to Pray

You can be praying for Ashley as she leads a Bible study of several girls, as she gets to know new girls in her dorm hall, and as she begins figuring out what she is going to do after graduation!

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