Quintan “Q” Mann

Jon’s Bible study of four student leaders is a pretty awesome group of guys! Here is the first one.

Who He Is

Quintan is a Sr this year and is an actuarial science major. He is engaged to this lovely lady in the picture above named Brittney. They are getting married in June, after which they plan on moving wherever Q can get a job.

Quintan came to know Christ through The Navigators between his freshman and sophomore year of college. Although he grew up being familiar with church, his freshman year was spent partying and living for himself. Some students involved in our ministry reached out to him and he started coming to their Bible study. He shortly after gave his life to Christ and has been laboring as a student at UNI ever since!

One of the things I love about Q is his work ethic! He really knows how to get down to business and work hard, whether as a student or memorizing scripture or studying the Bible! We meet together on Tuesday afternoons for 1:1 discipleship.

How to Pray

You can be praying for the Bible study he is leading in Schull Hall, that the guys coming would be transformed by God’s word as they study John.  Also, pray that he balances life well being an engaged man !

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