Aaron Culley

Jon’s wants to introduce you to the guys in his Bible study who he is meeting with each week. You already know Quintan, meet Aaron.

Who He Is

Aaron is a super Sr social work major here at UNI. He transferred from Morningside College after two years there will be graduating from UNI this coming May. He is still deciding what to do after that; one thing he is looking into is applying for some grads schools. Aaron loves to play pickup basketball in the WRC! That is where he met the roommates he has, one of them is Sean and is in the picture above on the left. Aaron also enjoys bowling, hanging out with friends, and playing with his Klee Kai puppy named Chance.

How to Pray

Aaron is leading a Bible study in his apartment every Th night. Pray for the guys coming that they would be transformed by God’s Word into Christ’s likeness.  Also be praying that God would lead and guide Aaron to what he wants him to be doing after college.

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