Mid Summer ’13 Update

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This summer has been a whirlwind of activity! We have had a lot going on and the next 5 weeks won’t slow down very much. With that said, here is an update on our summer and a peak into what our life has been like the last two months.

One major role for us this summer are the freshmen orientations. These are every Monday and Thursday from June 10 til July 11th at 4:30 – 6:30. This gives us the chance to recruit students who will be freshmen in the fall, connect with parents and get our name out there to anyone who walks by our booth. Students in our ministry living in Cedar Falls this summer have helped out and have made these fun to do!

Another part of our summer has been our Tuesday night Bible study. For the students living up here this summer, we have been going through The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges. This has provided some community for them to get to know others and grow spiritually. Summers can be hard as students go back home to old habits/sins and don’t have much accountability or community. Hopefully this will help students continue to grow spiritually while they are working full time jobs.

The last job related part of our summer is fundraising. At the beginning of May, we got our budget for next year. Adding a baby to our family plus losing some financial partners means we needed to raise about $1,300/mo this summer to be fully funded come the semester kickoff in August . We have been meeting with some people and by God’s grace we have about $1,000/mo left to raise. We will have two open houses this summer to update ministry partners on this last semester. If you are at all interested in our ministry or partnering with us, go here.

And how could I update you on our summer without talking about baby Benaiah?! Ever since the baby has come things have gotten more crazy for us and we seem to get everywhere a lot slower. And although the baby has totally changed our lives, the bulk of the responsibility is on Trista seeing as she is nursing. He is really healthy and is doing pretty well. We love being parents and feel so blessed by God to have such a huge responsibility of raising this little guy!

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