Main Event – ALL IN: Day 3

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The last day of Main Event – ALL IN was so amazing! We finished up the conference in Ames and we all went to a student’s house in the area for lunch. They fed us a delicious meal and we were so blessed by them. We had a chance to debrief together and share the following 1) What did God say to me? 2) What is my next step when I get back to campus? 3) Who is one person I can share this with. Although the weekend was a blast, it does feel good to get home and rest up some. I am looking forward also to sleeping in a bed again tonight.

The videos are hard to hear, but listen up to what some people had to say! It is neat to hear students challenged on how God might want them to use their summers.

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  1. […] That was a quote from a UNI student commenting on the impact of Main Event in their life! There are many other stories just like this. Go check out some pictures and other testimonies student’s gave on the ways God worked in their life during the Main Event Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3. […]

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