Get to Know Tanner Herrick


I lead a freshmen Bible study (named the Hot n Readies) in the dorm at CSU, go rams. We will be meeting every Tuesday night this semester and are studying through the book of 2 Timothy. I would like to introduce you to them to learn a little about who they are and how you can pray for them. They are an awesome group of guys and I’ve had so much fun getting to know them better. Here is Tanner!

Who am I?

I am majoring in wildlife conservation biology and minoring in zoology. With this degree I would love to work with endangered species, preferably tigers or elephants. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for animals, back home I have three cats and two beautiful German Shepherds. I love to snowboard but sadly it isn’t a year round sport. My favorite movie would have to be The Fast and the Furious movies except for Tokyo Drift. CSU is a great school, definitely feels like home now. I chose it due to being in Colorado and offering my specific major with a great program for it.

How to Pray

I guess I could use some prayer for finding a place to live next year, what to do over the summer, and that I am able to complete the first year of college with more knowledge about my studies and my faith.

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