Get to Know Zach Smith


I lead a freshmen Bible study (named the Hot n Readies) in the dorms at CSU; go rams. We will be meeting every Tuesday night this semester and are studying through the book of 2 Timothy. I would like to introduce you to them to learn a little about who they are and how you can pray for them. They are an awesome group of guys and I’ve had so much fun getting to know them better. Here is Zach!

Who Am I?

I am a freshman here at CSU. I love playing guitar and building legos. I am a Computer Engineer major and strongly dislike Calc 3. I have found that spinach is the best salad leaf and that Jesus is awesome. CSU has been a great fit for me as I am far enough from home to have an independent life and close enough to get help and support if I need. I wouldn’t say that I found Navs… Navs found me and right when I needed it. I love the book of Ecclesiastes as it reminds me what I need to spending my time and investing in and the wastefulness of storing your treasures on Earth.

How to Pray

Pray that I can find good time management while in college. Pray also that as we study 2 Timothy this semester God would reveal himself to me.

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