You Moved From Colorado to Where?

You Moved From Colorado to Where?

We recently just moved from Fort Collins, CO (voted one of the best cities in America) to Manhattan, KS. Sounds like an odd move, but hopefully this newsletter will give you some understand as to why!

House Projects

We moved to Manhattan, Kansas just a week ago (May 31st) and have been very busy. It was a lot of working driving here, unpacking, getting our house organized, and accomplishing a few house projects… especially with myself being sick and our kids coughing/weezing/not sleeping. Anyways, in the middle of all that here are some […]

Life with Twins

On Sunday my little twins will be one year old. ONE YEAR OLD. If you know anything about having twins, or kids in general, it is that one year birthdays mean very little to the kid(s) and a lot to the parents. Personally, we are not too big into birthdays at this age. But when […]