Below are some of my favorite resources in studying the Bible and learning background info and whatnot. If you are having a hard time finding a place to start I would recommend you try my 1 John study, I’ll mail you a copy if you ask for one. I see these resources as a framework to support your own personal Bible study. Like bones are essential to muscles points of contact but are useless by themselves. These are supplementary to you taking time to sit down tediously make observations while you think and meditate on as you read and study God’s Word. I hope you find these helpful.



  • True and Better – A very short Tim Keller audio that will change the way you read the Bible forever
  • Getting Out – A sermon by Tim Keller at a TGC conference on how to see the gospel in the exodus story
  • The Gospel in Ecclesiastes – A sermon by Matt Chandler on seeing the gospel in the book of Ecclesiastes
  • Choice City Church – This was the church we went to in Fort Collins and Jeremey is one of the best preachers you will listen to preach the Word of God.


  • Bible Reading Plans – Tons of options, one from Ligioner and one from Justin Taylor
  • Old Testament Overview Timeline
  • Old Testament Kings Timeline
  • Blue Letter Bible – A website I use a lot for finding hebrew/greek words and much more
  • Net Bible Online – Helpful commentary and different translations
  • Ask Pastor John – John Piper answers almost a thousand different questions listeners have submitted. There is an app for this that is pretty great.
  • Look at the Book – John Piper explains passages while you watch what he is studying so you see from the text what he sees.
  • Logos – Another Bible app that I love for tons of cross references that I have limited use of since I haven’t bought the program

This is kind of evolving as I think of more things so check back later and I will probably have added more to the list. Anything you’ve found helpful I should add?

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