We like to think of everyone who is giving or praying for our ministry as part of one big team. Obviously I am the one on campus full-time, meeting with students and sharing the gospel and working to build relationships. But there is no way I could be doing this 40+ hrs/wk without a team of people behind me, giving and praying to help make it all happen. So together make a team. Some people have the capacity to give. Some people have the capacity to pray. Sure I could maybe work a full time job and do ministry on the side. I’m sure we could even find just a few donors to help us scrape by financially with nobody else praying, all in the name of pride and independence. But the beauty of this is that at the end of the day when the Gospel moves a little closer on campus to going out to the nations, we all get to rejoice and share in that together because we all contributed.

Trista and I love being able to partner with over 300 people people that receive our newsletters and pray for us. We love partnering with just under 100 recurring financial donors that are invested in our ministry and care about what God is doing through us on campus. Ministry Partner Development IS a piece of our ministry that takes a lot of work but we find ourselves so incredibly blessed by it. I hope you are all blessed by us as well, we are so grateful for you!

On this page you will find some information about how to join our team and partner with us. Here you can also find our latest newsletter that we send out quarterly (that is 4x’s per year for you math majors) along with financial questions about giving to our ministry with The Navigators. And that about covers it. Thanks for checking this part of the blog out, let me know if there are other questions you may have or other things you wish was on here I haven’t added 🙂

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