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You can’t labor effectively if you don’t have the right tools. But not only do you need the right tools, you need to be equipped in how to use them. These are the different resources or tools you’ll find on the website, here is how I hope they can be of use:

  1. KNOWING JESUS I want to give out free resources to help people know Jesus more deeply, if you can only give me feedback on them to help make them better! Right now I only have the Bible studies, but more things are in the works. If you would like a free Bible study, head over there and give me your info.
  2. EQUIPPING STUDENTS Giving ministry partners a look into materials we use to equip students on campus. One example right now is the bridge illustration. If they would be a help to you, then by all means use them yourself! But I hope this gives you a little bit more insight into how we seek to accomplish our goal of helping college students to “Know Christ and Make Him Known”.
  3. PERSONAL RESOURCES Lastly, I want to direct you to some books and other resources that I personally have found incredibly helpful in my own walk with Jesus. I’m going to put up a list of some of some favorite books. I also want to put up some resources that I think will really help you in reading and studying the Bible. I hope these help you in some way!

Lastly, everything here is free! One of the best things you can ever hear, right? I’m all about free and I imagine you are too. Check stuff out and if you like it, use it! Just give me a shoutout on twitter @jonpon15 #freetools If these things help in any way then I am happy. Stop on by later as I intend to keep adding more stuff.

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