Staff in Training


This summer we will be transitioning from EDGE Corps to Staff in Training (SiT). Practically we will be doing very similar things that we are doing now: leading in a few campus responsibilities, starting and leading a bible study while discipling students, and getting trained in some areas by some older staff.

There will be some differences though and I hope to make that clear here.

1. Training

One major difference moving onto SiT will be the emphasis on training. We will be trained to one day take over as a campus director. It doesn’t always work out that way but generally that is the idea.

We had training while we were on EDGE Corps, but the training on SiT is more in-depth and over-arching. We will learn to think like a campus director, as that person has to think about every aspect of the ministry. Our training will also help us in learning how to make disciple-makers, which we are both very excited about. Jim Rinella is the campus director at Colorado State and will do our SiT training. It will be a great experience because from what I’ve heard, he is the best trainer in the Navs (which is why we wanted to go there!).

2. Bible Study

The expectation while on EDGE Corps is that we spend 5 hours per week spending time in Bible study. On SiT, that expectation moves up to 10 hours per week. The Navigators really want us to grow deeply in our personal walk with Jesus during our SiT experience, which we really appreciate.

This means probably a little less time with students on campus. Because we will be leading an area of the ministry (we don’t know what that will be yet), spending more time in Bible study, and more training during the month…our time has to give somewhere. Getting involved in the lives of students is one of my favorite things about collegiate ministry, so that will still be a big part of our time. However, it will be lessened some compared to what it was like on EDGE Corps where it was by far our main emphasis.

3. Future

Another difference in the move to SiT from EDGE Corps is where we see ourselves in 5-10 years. EDGE Corps is a 1-2 year internship with The Navigators. Although I believe most go on to SiT, there isn’t any expectation you do that by joining EDGE Corps. Now that we are on SiT however, the general expectation is that we will be with them for a while continuing on in college ministry and probably leading our own campus. This definitely seems to be how God is leading us. The more we see God use us to help students know him more, the more we want to keep doing that and see more fruit!

Of course these things will vary depending upon what campus you are on. This is why we are so excited about Colorado State because they have the best campus trainer in the US (Jim Rinella).

We look forward to seeing as many of our supporters as we can this summer! Please let us know if you have some time available as we will be very flexible. We hope we can explain more of this transition and how God is leading us.


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